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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Manga
Sailor Moon
Manga Review

It is high time to relive the beauty and magic that is Sailor Moon, but this time, we get to really experience it where it all began... with the manga!

Like the popular anime, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is the story of a young girl named Usagi who, with the guidance of a talking cat named Luna, becomes Sailormoon — a fighter for love and justice. Along the way, she is joined by nine other sailor soldiers to fulfill their destiny.

Sailor Moon MangaWhile the anime devolved into "monster of the episode" which essentially made Sailor Moon out to be Voltron but with Magical Girls, the manga is not nearly as redundant. Also be aware that the personalities here will be a little different, for example, Serena/Usagi isn't quite as much the ditz, here in the manga she's much more serious about her position as leader of the Sailor Scouts.

There are different power attacks that nere made it to the anime, and deeper, more insightful characterizations that the TV show just didn't have time for (and may have been a bit too hentai for TV (i.e. Uranus and Neptune).

While the manga is quite different, this is a plus, as you get to fall in love with these characters all over again as well as discover WHY this manga broke all sales records and spawned one of the most successful anime franchises of all time.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, May 2008

Sailor Moon Super S - The Complete Series
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Sailor Moon Super S -
The Complete Series

Anime DVD Review

"In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you" - if you don't watch this super series! Available in its original, uncut story arc, Sailor Moon Super S, all 39 episodes in one super box set of 7 DVDs. For sailor Moon fans, this is a must-have.
Sailor Moon Super S - The Complete Series
Directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara (creator of Utena), this shoujo series has enchanted girls the world over with its empowered female leads and has enticed adolescent males with its long-legged super heroines in short school-girl skirts (Rei Hino.... Mmmmm.) Although the plot centers around annoying Chibi-Usa (Usagi's yet to be born daughter), there's plenty of Sailor Scout action for guys and gals to enjoy.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, September 2004

Sailor Moon Uncut
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Sailor Moon - Season One
Complete and Uncut
(Japanese Language Edition)

Anime DVD Review

Drool, drool, pant, pant! The unreleased version of Sailor Moon is finally on our shores! If you thought the English-dubbed version of the show was cool, watch out! This complete and uncut version is darker, bloodier, and has many more plot twists than what was shown on American TV. Now find out *why* this show has the insane legion of fans it ardently deserves. Be prepared to laugh, be shocked and shed lots and lots of tears.

Sailor MoonThis boxed set contains all 46 episodes (some never aired in the US) of the show's first season, as a set of 8 DVDs (with optional English subtitles) packaged in a handsome foil-stamped art-box. Usagi never had a treatment so nice. In the name of the Moon, you shall buy this!

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, October 2003

Sailor Moon and the Scouts
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Sailor Moon and The Scouts: Lunarock
Anime Soundtrack Review

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Sailormoon has great music. Even the American adaptation had fantastic songs and inspired an audio CD. However, that first CD to come out from the American adaptation of Sailormoon didn't feature any of the Japanese music.

Who needs Britney when you have Sailor Moon?This new CD tailors more to the hardcore anime fan as it features two Japanese tracks, "Moonlight Densetsu," (the original Japanese opening theme song), and "Ai No Senshi" from Sailor Moon R. Of the five original American tunes, Sailor Moon (Jennifer Cihi) has another single, her peppy battle theme "The Power of Love" (definitely one of the best on the CD). Two other singles are Sailor Jupiter's "Daddy's Girl" (a gentle lament about growing up) and Sailor Mars's comforting "Nothing at All." The final two are the three Sailor Scouts' yeah-yeah trio about boys, "I Want Someone to Love," and Sailor Moon and Mars's musical spat, "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Clearly, the producers of Sailormoon are listening to the fan base by bringing us this new album that includes music from the original series. If you're a fan of Sailormoon this CD is a must-have. It's more balanced than the first CD, and gives you the added bonus of the two Japanese tracks. Who could ask for anything more?

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, May 2002

 Sailor Moon the Novels: A Scout Is Born (Mixx Readz)
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Sailor Moon the Novels:
A Scout Is Born (Mixx Readz)

Anime Book Review

This series of Young-Adult Sailor Moon novels are much more fun to read than any old Harry Potter book, and continue the story of the series (as told by the DIC TV Show as it was run here in the US). The advantage of the novels is that they give you much better insight into the characters than the show ever could and you end up appreciating them more.
Sailor Moon
The authors do a great job of making the books easy to read, fun and funny! You'll be laughing out loud on the bus each morning. The young ladies of the world need an empowered heroine to help them through their troubled childhoods. Sailor Moon is there to fill that need. Get 'em all!

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, October 2004

Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon

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