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Mahoromatic -
Automatic Maiden -
Combat Maid (Vol. 1)

Anime DVD Review

Ever wonder what would have happened if Aeon Flux had lived through at least one episode of her TV series? Could she have, say, retired and gotten a job as a maid for a young man with an inferiority complex? This is pretty much the plot of Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden, although the Aeon Flux here is an perky android named Mahoro who's spending her declining days wearing an apron instead of battle armor.

MahoromaticShe just doesn't quite know how to act in front of her charge, Suguru. He's a healthy young man who finds her attractive, however, he doesn't yet realize that she only has a year left on her warranty. On the surface it's a innuendo-laden romantic comedy in the tradition of Urusei Yatsura. Deep down it examines an avenue few anime series have even considered. Does Mahoro have a place in the world she championed?


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