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Girls Bravo

Girls Bravo (Vol. 1)
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Girls Bravo (Vol. 1)
Anime DVD Review

You get one guess as to what this series is about... If you guessed fan-service and lots of gratuitous nudity, you're right! Girls Bravo is essentially Tenchi Muyo taken to a ridiculous extreme, but, it's a lot of fun, cute, and mostly harmless.

Girls Bravo (Vol. 1)High-School student Yukinari, who has been bullied by girls his whole life (particularly by his neighbor), is allergic to them — so imagine what happens when he is magically transported to another world where males only consist of 10% of the population. He gets back to Earth, but, he opens the door for members of the opposite sex to come visiting Earth — with hilarious results. If you like the DVD, the manga is also available from Tokyopop.
Girls Bravo

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, November 2005

Girls Bravo

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Girls Bravo

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